03 December 2018

Nivano Physicians Collaboration with QualMetrix

Nivano Physicians Selects Qualmetrix for Advance Analytics and Population Health Management

Provider Organizations Require an Analytic Platform to Promote Physician Engagement Which Will Help Drive Quality Improvement and Cost Effectiveness

MIRAMAR, FLORIDA, USA, December 3, 2018 / -- MIAMI December 3, 2018 Qualmetrix, a leader in Advanced Analytics and Population Health, announced today that Nivano Physicians has selected its platform to help the California-based independent physician association (IPA) enhance the quality of care it delivers to its patient population. Qualmetrix quickly integrated the data provided by Nivano Physicians so that they were operational within 30-days following receipt of data.

The integration of the Qualmetrix Analytic Platform into the workflow of Nivano Physicians will allow enhanced population health management, drive physician performance, and improve control of cost and utilization within their organization

“Our team at Nivano Physicians has wholeheartedly embraced the Qualmetrix platform. We are finding that Qualmetrix’s ease of use provides a significant enhancement to our core platform and allows us to improve the quality of care we give to our patients. The ability to swiftly identify opportunities to improve the care of our patients in a cost-effective fashion is of paramount importance to us and the Qualmetrix platform allows that to happen,” said Sarath Artham, CEO and Chief Technological Officer, Nivano Physicians.

“The healthcare industry continues to experience the loss of billions of premium dollars to overutilization and inappropriate use of services. The Qualmetrix platform helps healthcare organizations like Nivano enhance the care delivered to its patients by identifying opportunities to engage its physicians with data to drive continued quality improvement.” said Lawrence Schimmel, M.D., Chief Medical Officer of Qualmetrix.

About Qualmetrix
QualMetrix is an outcomes-driven analytics company, providing turnkey SaaS solutions that enable connected intelligence across the care continuum by transforming massive amounts of data into actionable insights. Our solution creates transparency enabling its clients to deliver impactful population health initiatives. Additionally, QualMetrix offers solutions that help you identify and limit overutilization, reduce unnecessary care and deviations from best practices to help control c

06 November 2018

Nivano's Partnership with PCG Software

Nivano Physicians Selects PCG’s Flagship Software to Monitor and Enhance the Internal Claims Process

Nivano Physicians has partnered with PCG Software to roll out their flagship software product, Virtual Examiner®.  Virtual Examiner®, PCG Software’s flagship product, monitors the internal claims process of an organization to trend provider data for fraudulent and abusive billing patterns, and maximizes financial recoveries.  “Our team at Nivano Physicians has wholeheartedly embraced the Virtual Examiner system. We are finding VE’s ease of integration to our core platform and ability to swiftly apply millions of edit rules in adjudication, identifying issues prior to check-runs truly has helped minimize and practically eliminate problems of overpayment today,” said Sarath Artham, CEO and Chief Technological Officer, Nivano Physicians. 

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04 June 2018

New Provider Portal

We are now live with our new Provider Portal through QuickCap!

To request access to sign in and view claims, request authorizations, and more, please go to You will be directed to the login page where you can click "First time users, Click Here" to request access. Please see the screenshot below for further reference. Training for the new online portal can be provided by your provider representative, Sable DeGuzman, either online through WebEx or in person. 

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