Member Text Messaging

Patients can receive notifications about medication, appointments and further health care needs using the test message system. These texts are easy and interactive with short responses.

Features of Nivano Text Messages Include the following:

  • HEDIS Quality Outreach
    This includes notifications for annual visits, medication reminders, and screenings in your preferred language.

  • Initial Health Assessments
    Notifications of enrollment including a description of the available services and your PCP contact information.

  • Redeterminations
    Messages will be sent out reminding Medi-Cal members about possible upcoming Medi-Cal coverage terminations due to missing re-enrollment information.

  • ER Visit Follow-Up
    A friendly reminder of your PCP phone and availability as well as Urgent and Immediate care options.

  • Authorization Notifications
    Immediate notification of your authorization approvals with the specialist phone number for quick and easy appointment scheduling.

How Do I Sign Up For Text Messaging?

All newly assigned Nivano members are notified about text message notifications and are given the option to OPT-IN or OPT-OUT of this service. Our Initial text message informs you of who we are and gives you an option to unsubscribe to the text messages.

How Do I Opt In for Text Messaging?

Please call our Customer Service team at 844.889.2273 to have them sign you up to receive text messages.

How Do I Stop Receiving Text Messages?

To stop receiving text messages from Nivano Physicians, please reply STOP to any message or call us at 844.889.2273 and our Customer Service team can help unsubscribe you.

SMS Messages are not HIPPA compliant. We cannot verify that it is secure on the patient's side nor send patient health information through text messages.

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