01 July 2020

Nivano News Quarter 2 2020

As many of you may know, the last few months have been difficult for everyone. We have had to adapt and adjust the way we do business and the way care is delivered. Despite the difficulties and issues presented, we feel that we have been able to come out wiser and better positioned for continued growth and success.

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01 April 2020

Nivano News Quarter 1 2020

In the first quarter of 2020, Nivano focused our efforts on quality improvement for our members. Thanks to all of the hard work of our amazing provider network in 2019, we were able to hit almost every MPL in Sacramento county and several in the rural counties. We continue reconciling last year's data and laying the groundwork for our Quality programs in 2020. Nivano plans to expand our efforts and work diligently with our network of providers to ensure a successful year!


01 January 2020

Nivano News Quarter 4 2019

This quarter, Nivano Physicians has grown exponentially. Nivano has brought on new talent and continues to open new positions to help pursue awareness and build relationships with members and our physician network. We have continued to build our network gaining 100 new Primary Care Physicians and 250 new Specialists. With our physician base growing, our membership has increased to over 60,000 lives!

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