Quality and HEDIS

EMR Data Extraction

Many of the measures being addressed this year have Hybrid components. There is a lot of data you enter into your EMR that can give you credit for providing great care that can potentially be missing from your claims. Get credit for all the work you put into providing quality care!

Provider Incentives

It takes a lot of effort, teamwork and resources to become a successful quality driven physicians. We want to reward those efforts by providing a performance based incentive program.

Sierra Health Alerts Messaging

Get personalized care messages sent to our members to remind them of upcoming appointments and recommendations for quality care. This platform includes an innovative feature that allows bi-directional texting with your members.

Point of Care Rewards

Want to have a quality clinic day or reward members that are making strong efforts to stay healthy? We can help fund rewards to improve participation at these events or to help reduce no show rates for quality-based appointments.

Post Cards Mailers

Send your members reminders for visits or recommendations about quality care. We provide everything needed to provide this service.

Brochures and Posters

Our marketing team has engineered eye catching and action invoking materials to display in your office to help improve patient engagement.


Help your members make their appointment. Our health plan partners offer transportation services to scheduled members to help reduce no shows.

Atlas Data Warehouse

All our HEDIS and Quality reports are processed in a system that scrubs Gaps in care against multiple data sources daily. For example,

  • EMR Data

  • Prescription Data

  • Lab Data

  • Health Plan Gaps in Care

  • CAIRS immunization Registry

  • Encounter/Claim Data

This allows us to deliver the most up to date reports and reduce duplicate efforts. Contact your provider relations associate to get access to this account or contact us at HEDIS@nivanophysicians.com

Open Authorizations

Quality care does not require referrals, however many specialist will require a tracking mechanism to send back results of imaging or labs to you. We can help relieve the process effort and duration with our open auth program.

Contact us by phone 916-407-2000 or email HEDIS @nivanophysicians.com to get details of the entire HEDIS Toolkit and participate in our HEDIS and Quality programs.

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