Why Should You Join Nivano Physicians?

  • Streamlined claims administrationWe have the most robust specialty network for our Members
  • Utilization managementWe offer timely access to Primary Care physicians and Specialty physicians
  • Quality managementLower wait times for phone calls and top of the line customer service

Don’t believe us, ask our Members!

"This has been one of my best experiences with my medical insurance. Nivano has shown me that real people exist and care about my health. The customer service team has done so much to assist my needs and answer my questions. They always go above and beyond when they don’t have to because they care about me and my health. Thank you Nivano! You have my loyalty and my family's support."

"Nivano Physicians always makes the entire process much calmer and assures me that the issue at hand will be resolved promptly. It is so nice to find people that are not only courteous but go the extra mile to help and calm the waters! Nivano has always been very good, but certain people at Nivano have helped make things easier for patients. They truly care. What a reflection on the company as a whole!"

"I work with Nivano patients every day. I have had to call Nivano on several occasions and they always answer right away. I can't say that for the other IPA's I work with. Nivano is a breath of fresh air! Patients are happy with then as well. I give them a 5++++ rate. Nivano IPA is the top of the line when it comes to IPA’s! Nivano has most professional staff working with them. Nivano employees always answer their phones even after 5 o’clock at night. We have several mutual clients that feel exactly the same way. I truly recommend this IPA for anyone that’s looking for a new professional group. Nivano is dedicated to giving you the best healthcare in Northern California."

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