Why Join Nivano?

Why Should You Join Nivano Physicians?

We offer the following to valued provider partners...

  • Profit Sharing Model
    Profit Sharing Model

  • 24/7 Provider and Member App
    We have a mobile app for providers to easily access quality scores, membership count and payment details.

  • Robust Incentive Structure
    Capitation and FFS available along with several bonus and incentive programs

  • Quality and HEDIS Toolkit
    Our toolkit provides detailed information about the many tools we offer from reporting, EMR integration to member outreach, incentives and transportation.

  • Quality Incentives
    While we strive to provide as many of the resources that we can to help you, we also want to incentivize you for the work you are putting and for doing quality care first.

  • Subsidized EMR
    Subsidized EMR

  • Bidirectional Text Messaging
    Our team will send informational and health reminder texts to all of your patients.

  • Reachable CEO and Staff
    Our CEO is available for any provider to speak with directly

  • Automated Phone Coverage
    Our system, NIvano 24/7, allows access to call at any time and check the status of authorizations and claims, as well as eligibility statuses.

  • Outstanding Customer Service Team
    Nivano’s Customer service is able to help with almost anything and has a short wait time of under three minutes.

How we help our providers successed:

  • We help to Improve Quality Scores
  • Outreach to members on behalf of Providers
  • Exceptional customer service
  • Care Coordination
  • Local Customer Service and Provider Relations

But don’t take it from us, ask our providers!

"I love working hand in hand with Nivano Physicians and appreciate how they really care about the underserved community. - Dr. Thiru N. Rajagopal M.D. FACS"

"We will always recommend Nivano Physicians because they can more effectively utilize tools and have more resources than other IPA’s. Nivano helps you take a different approach to your practice without sacrificing quality and service excellence. - River Bend Medical Associates"

"Nivano’s processes help our organization recognize patient trends and if we need to do more member outreach to increase our visits that month. - Dr. Ravinder Khaira"

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