Our provider network is the backbone of our organization. We aim to provide our network with the best tools and customer service in the market.


    The Healthcare industry can be complex. Nivano Physicians offers resources to simplify and improve the patient experience.

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    Nivano Physicians works with numerous partners in the health care industry to improve efficiencies and provide an edge to our providers and members within our network.



The Nivano Physicians Way


Nivano Physicians is a strong and committed advocate for the members within our community—ensuring that managed health care is actually 'manageable'. With a 20-year track record of providing for our community, we work hard to educate and advise our partners and oversee all managed health care needs. Our technology driven approach helps us to adapt to all of the changes in the healthcare market immediately.

  • UM decision making is based only on appropriateness of care and service and existence of coverage.
  • The organization does not specifically reward practitioners or other individuals for issuing denials of coverage.
  • Financial incentives for UM decision makers do not encourage decisions that result in underutilization.
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At Nivano Physicians, we understand that the relationship between a provider and their patient is an important one. We strive to help build and strengthen that relationship through strong partnerships, outstanding customer service and a dedication to our patients. Our patients have the benefit of working with experienced and professional providers in our Independent Physician Association (IPA) network. As an IPA, we work hand in hand with our health plan partners to ensure the highest level of service for our members with the goal of improving the health standards and quality of care.

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Frequently Asked Questions


The typical turn around time for approval is 24-48 hours.

Correspondence can be sent to: Nivano Physicians, Inc. PO Box 255568 Sacramento, CA 95865

The best way to contact Nivano Physicians is through our Provider Portal, QuickCap 7.0. Providers can easily check claim status, request authorizations, submit customer service tickets, and directly chat with Nivano Customer Service staff.

If you are interested in becoming part of Nivano's primary care or specialty network. please reach out to us at Contracting@nivanophysicians.com.

Nivano Health, Nivano Care, Northern California Physicians Association and Sierra Nevada have all been rolled into one entity. There are no longer any DBA's, all previously affiliated organizations have been fused into the one entity, Nivano Physicians, Inc.

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01 October 2020

Nivano News Quarter 3 2020

Nivano Physicians is excited to announce that our rapid growth has continued, and we have brought on several new Health Plans. We have expanded our Commercial line of business presence with a brand-new agreement through Anthem Blue Cross which went live on September 1st.


01 July 2020

Nivano News Quarter 2 2020

As many of you may know, the last few months have been difficult for everyone. We have had to adapt and adjust the way we do business and the way care is delivered. Despite the difficulties and issues presented, we feel that we have been able to come out wiser and better positioned for continued growth and success.

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